The missions’ team consists of the following units:


The evangelism unit goes out once every week to witness to people in our community on a one on one basis.

Ghetto 2 Greatness

We believe that all souls are valuable. This unit specializes in reaching out to area boys and street urchins, winning them for Jesus and establishing them in Him. In time past we have had former area boys become church members.

NATAR “Now All Things Are Ready”

It is an outreach programme that involves free distribution of food stuff and clothing to different communities. During this exercise, we have qualified medical personnel like Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics carry out medical examination and investigation to members of the community who otherwise would not be able to afford their services. In time past, such test like eye test, pap smear (for cervical cancer detection), malaria parasite test, fasting blood sugar, cholesterol test, blood pressure screening, etc. have been carried out.

Community Resposiblity & Care Center (CRCC)

This is our equivalent of the usual house fellowship but takes a different dimension. It holds on Sunday evenings (and any other day on some special cases) in and around the vicinity where our members reside. It's an initiative to reach out to our community in practical terms. It's a beautiful setting to discover and deploy your potentials.



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