Acts 2:42 "And they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers"

At Headstone, the purpose of membership is all about fellowship, enfolding and engrafting of new members. Headstone Church is a family church. A church where the love of God and the warmth of his spirit flows unhindered from person to person. Headstone Church is a church where no one will feel left out. The teams that make up this purpose are as follows:

  • The Follow up & Visitation Team
  • Royal Men's Fellowship
  • Leading Ladies of God
  • Family Bliss Team
  • Singles Mingle Team
  • Family Life Ministries

The Follow up & Visitation Team

This team ensures that first timers are visited promptly. They also take out time to follow up and visiting long-time members who are found lagging in attendance.

At Headstone Church we believe that proximity is the key to impact. We believe that you have not truly entered a person till you enter their own world. Through this team, we ensure that this is done. This team also ensures Pastoral Care functions for people who are doing one thing or the other, for those celebrating, women who have just put to bed, for the sick and the needy.

Family Life Ministries

The ministry is involved with pre-marital and post-marital counselling in the church. One of our 12 point dreams is building a church where our family life is heaven on earth. We have not left that to chance at all. Right from before folks get married, they undergo preparatory classes, 12 well rounded classes to give them a solid foundation in marriage. Testimonies have abounded from beneficiaries.

From time to time we have some families who need some counselling along the lines of their marriages. This team also takes care of this.



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