Acts 2:42 "And they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers"

Jesus did not commission the church to raise converts, He commissioned us to raise disciples. Via the purpose of maturity in Headstone Church, we move folks from being mere congregants into becoming disciples. This purpose is been driven by several programs and units at Headstone Church. The programs are as follows:

Weekly Services

Hardly does a service go by in Headstone Church where thorough expository teachings are not done. Jesus instructed his disciples to do three things. Teach, Preach and Heal. The teaching and Preaching of the word is taken very seriously in Headstone Church

Special Programs

Faith Explosion is a special program dedicated to teaching and building faith which holds every last Wednesday to Friday of the month. This program has gone on for several months and to the glory of God, the faith of God's people keeps growing by the day.

Change Academy

The academy is the laboratory where change leaders are being raised in Headstone Church. It is a discipleship, self-development and leadership institution that takes a raw convert and turns them into leaders over 52 weeks of training.

It consists of 500 levels of training. 100 level, called the MEMBERSHIP SCHOOL consists of 14 subjects aimed at establishing a young convert as a Christian.

The 200 level, which is the MATURITY COLLEGE also consists of 14 classes which is aimed at turning a convert into a disciple.

The 300 level is called the MINISTRY & LEADERSHIP SCHOOL. It emphasis is on ministry and leadership development.

The 400 level is the CELL DEVELOPMENT SCHOOL. It purpose is helping to establish our leaders in the cell ministry.

The 100 - 400 levels make up the basic certificate program. The 500 level is the advanced certificate training.

Cutting Edge Ministerial College (CEMC)

In keeping one of our dreams to be a soul winning Church, Cutting Edge Ministerial College (CEMC) has been designed to help train leaders into minister leaders and leader ministers for church planting and world evangelism. It is not a regular Bible School, but a school of ministry where secrets of building an impactful church are thought.

God instructed Dr Chris Williams to raise leader ministers and minister leaders, one inseparable from the other, after the order of Daniel. This College is designed to equip and empower leaders with Ministerial competencies so that they can excel even in ministry, as they do in their circular pursuits.

This school has churned out graduates that are presently pastoring in different parts of the city and beyond. It is a year-long Saturdays only program.



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