12 dream points

Our 12 Point Dream

  • A God-chaser church, one that prays and fasts commonly, seeking God’s presence and power. A worshipper’s church, a yielded church. a revelation driven church. an “it’s-all about Him” church.
  • A church where positive change is the order of the day for individual lives, families, business organizations and by extension, the society
  • A church where an average member is a world class minister. Vocational ministers standing effectively in their offices and market place as ministers fulfilling their destiny
  • A family oriented church. A church where family values and bliss is strongly pursued and promoted. Here, our families live heaven on earth
  • A hospital church. A church where people flock in (Isaiah 2:1-4) – confused, hurting or battered; and having being healed and empowered, they emerge as leaders and healers themselves, helping to give direction to others and heal the land
  • A good-works reputed church. a church where social and societal relevance is the culture. A church involved in everyday problem resolution for the people
  • A market-place strong church. An affluent church. A church where the average member is a billionaire. An economically empowered church
  • A leadership church. A church that epitomizes leadership and excellence for our people. A church where every saint, by right, is a world class leader
  • A governmental church whose impact is felt in the land. One that dictated the trends of the society. A policy influencing church. A cutting edge church. A nation building church
  • A soul winning church given to both neighbourhood evangelism and world missions. A great commission driven church where world missions is clearly pursued as a culture
  • A church at the forefront of practical revival in Africa. A pillar of true gospel. A church championing revival that culminates in societal civilization
  • An inter-phase church. A church that understands the language of our people and communicates our messages powerfully in that language. A relevant and accessible church



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